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Exhibition image Exhibition Tatsuya Higuchi 2001

"home and away"

3/23. - 4/21. 2001

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Normally a box is a container in which things are kept and whose sides demarcate it from the outer world. Tatsuya Higuchi does understand this function, but produces boxes with a quite different intention. During the construction of his boxed skies, he imagines himself on their inside and outside.
On which side of this divided word would you see yourself? "In and outside of daily routine we know that the world is frightful and yet at the same time beautiful; both sorrow and gaiety exist."
Higuchi recognizes the fact that the things that happen to you -both good and bad- are no different from those on the other side. When you recognize this, the cool impact of the function of demarcation begins to dissolve and a structure with transparent sides appears that comprises the link between inside and out.

This series was made by photographing the sky on sunny days using slide film, cutting out the positive images, and folding them into small boxes. Naturally, the sky is enormous and extends out over everyone, but these small and delicate boxed skies do not span great distances. Each represents a particular sky that was over my head at a particular moment. Instead of being closed, however, these small yet important specks also represent a new beginning. For me, they are a site of production that has reality.
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