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group exhibition "Zimmer frei" arrow up Satoshi OTSUKA 2003 arrow up Daniela COMANI

Exhibition image Exhibition Satoshi Otsuka 2004

12/5.03 - 2/7. 2004

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Starting on Dec. 5th, Murata & Friends will be showing Satoshi Otsuka's "Outing."
With photographs and an installation, Otsuka attempts to stage an "outing" in an imaginary landscape. Pictures collected from flea markets are paired with photographs shot by the artist himself at some point in the past. These images contain a variety of landscapes, some of which are familiar to the artist and some of which are unknown. For the viewer, this difference is hardly visible. And although this distinction between consciously constructed and accidentally found experience is so delicate, Otsuka attempts to use it to make an excursion beyond time and space.

installation view at Murata & Friends, 2003
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