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Exhibition Takako Kimura 2005

"Constellation: Japan 04-05"

3/5. - 4/23. 2005

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The exhibition "Constellation: Japan 04-05" presents Takako Kimura's works made out of stickers and transfers. For this series the artist has collected stickers with animal motifs, which have been divided according to species and reassembled into animal forms.
"Rabbit," for example, was put together by combining stickers that depict laughing, excited, furious, lively, retired, jolly, helpless, and melancholy rabbits, among others. And all of their eyes are looking at us! The various shapes and characteristics of these rabbit figures were arranged to form the contours of an average rabbit.

Colorful, trendy stickers have a playful existence in our society. There is a surprising number and variety of such objects, which shows how great the demand for them is.

The artist Kimura sees the nature of human communities reflected in these stickers, and through these motifs she allows us to see that the rabbits look straight ahead and do not resemble the form they produce as a whole. When we notice that the entire group is staring at us, we also begin to ask ourselves whether we are perhaps members of a community whose entirety we cannot perceive. Apart from rabbits, bears, cats, horses, and hamsters, approximately twenty additional societies are being prepared.
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