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Henrik Jacob name

" Ende Gelaende
/ Till here, pioneer"

11/21. 2008 - 17/1. 2009

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What remains, and what remains lost? When the American singer and actor Dean Reed died in 1986, he left two things behind in East Berlin: his motorcycle, a Motocross-MZ, and the American flag he washed in front of the US Consulate in Chile in 1970 in order to symbolically cleanse it of the blood of the Vietnam War. The motorcycle and the flag are the key components of the installation “Ende Gelände – Till here, pioneer” at the Murata & Friends Gallery.

Following the death of Dean Reed, an entire world died. The installation is a race-course between dream and reality. It leads to the Indian circles of the former East Germany, and it talks about the East German dream of the Wild West as the history of its own creation and place of freedom.
The freedom is there – the dream is over.
Ende Gelände.
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