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Exhibition image Exhibition Makoto Aida 2002


12/14. - 2/17. 2002

exhibitions 2002
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It all started in the year 3000 when mankind was tormonted with hunger caused by worldwide food shortages. The founder, old Aida, a molecular biologist, was distressed at the seriousness of the situation, and devoted himself day and night to his studies. Finally, he achieved a great breakthrough in generating a brandnew creature called "Edible Artificial Girls Mimi" derived from the DNA of colitis germs.
Mimi is very savory and rich in nutrition which the name implies. (The character pronounced Mimi is a rhyme of Bimi which denotes deliciousness.)
Mimi was served all over the world. People were also touched by Mimis lovely appearance, and innocent nature, her only intention being a devotion to giving herself to fulfilling the apettite of the men. Her pure heart would be worth comparing with the hare in the ancient Indian who is said to throw its body into the fire and to become a star in the night sky.
Exhibition image Mimi with no sense of pain, and no fear of death by nature is also regarded as an ideal creature for food from the viewpoint of the humanitarian. After the emergence of Mimi, the bad habit of eating the meat of farm animals died out.

Mimi, who can be your good companion or kept in food storage, has taken a firm hold within our life-style in the role of a pet. With the great development of new flavors, we can now count more than five thousand varieties of Mimi. Mimi provides most of food on the earth.

Exhibition image Today, we have the honor of opening the second restaurant on Mars under the direct management of the maker. We deeply appreciate your ongoing patronage. We are pleased to offer a good time from the hand skilled bio-confectioners handed down since our foundation.

(text from the book Misoji)
Exhibition image
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