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Exhibition Maho Maeda 2007

3/16. - 5/19. 2007exhibition views

" locus "

“Locus” is Maho Maeda’s first exhibition in Berlin.

The lines that Maeda draws in her installations are not straight, logical connections between two places.
Her lines wander, change, shift between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, reach their destinations or disappear into the void.

Exhibition image
It is said that a sound only exists when it meets an ear.

And although sounds travel as waves, Maeda imagines their path as lines, which are neither direct nor stable because of the endless number of intersecting sounds they encounter along the way.
Maeda attempts to capture the movement of sounds with her lines, and she looks at nature in order to grasp the fleeting present.

Lines also emerge when matter thickens and its individual layers harden to stone due to the various conditions and combinations that occur over time.
For Maeda stones are recordings of sounds from the past, which is why she incorporates stones found in Berlin into her installation.
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