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Hisaharu MOTODA

" Neo - Ruin "

01/28. - 03/26. 2011

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At first sight, the scenery and the buildings that one has become used to seeing have decayed, but there seems to be a subtle reality that one cannot determine as either a realistic depiction or a complete fiction. This may be connected to the mismatch evoked by the disconnect in our consciousness and senses which lies between reality and fiction. "

(Hisaharu Motoda)
The fact that Motodas pictures show those landscapes only, which are vastly known through reproductions in books and on TV, is a strategy of the artist. It strengthens the described posing of a question (reality or fiction?). One is also irritated about not knowing, if his pictures are photographed or drawn. A lithograph as a medium, i.e. as a printed picture, completes the concept. His art is much about these irritating feelings during the contemplation.

(Asayo Nakagawa)
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