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Exhibition image Exhibition Katsuhiro Saiki 2000

4/15. - 5/5. 2000

"new works"
5/10. - 5/27. 2000

exhibitions 2000 2002 2004
works 2000-I 2000-II 2002
Exhibition Part I "frames"

Saikis "frames" leads You into "chaos". Various of paradox piled up on layers in the "frames". Elements for his works are welded stainless frames set on a plane stand and photographied. By symplified forms, varied dispositions and photographic technique Saiki brings the existance of dimension without the sense of direction. In the space the relational positioning becomes vague. This scattered world is not created by computer grahic but out of photographic technique. The image is the actual. Do not define his work a "virtual- like actual". What proposed here is not "the reality goes virtualized". It means the "actual" always goes step ahead from everything. Saikis action is not against the latest computer technology, but the actual manipulation which goes across this generation.

Exhibition Part II "new works"

With the presentation of "frames", made in Japan, Saiki for the first time goes abroad for a show. He will use his 2 mounth stay in Berlin to let follow a new work which will immediately be shown in the second part of his exhibition.
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