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Exhibition image Exhibition Katsuhiro Saiki 2002


6/21. - 8/3. 2002

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In Katsuhiro Saiki's recent works we find a reference to things in a landscape. The themes are, above all, buildings, trees, fences, walls, birds and planes flying overhead, or other connotations to landscape. They do not, however, function as a source of reality as is normal in photography, but underline their difference to the real object. For example, in the case of the "Arrangements", when the foreground-half of a photograph shows a monotone fence or wall and the background-half a scene with colored buildings or sky, both halves are sharply delineated and are coequally interchanged in rows of several such photographs. When the eye is able to take in foreground and background in equal sharpness in a way not otherwise possible and its gaze regularly divided according to theme, the character of the works is translated into far from simple landscapes.
Landscape photographs normally exist in dependency on place, season and time of day. Saiki's photos are, on the other hand, arranged, composed and turned into works that leave no trace of these. Their constructed anonymity as to place and time is Saiki's style of working.

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